5th Grade Basketball Coach Needed

Douglas School district basketball is in need of a 5th grade volunteer coach for a couple of months that involves some travel in the local area.  Interested members can contact Mr. Randy Olivier at randyolivier@outlook.com.


Safari Land Volunteers

Safari Land (located in the base Library) has started a new project for cleaning. I’m looking for volunteers that will help out every day or when available at 0830 and 1650 to get the job done. It only takes about 10-15 minutes with 5-6 people. If you’re interested in leading a team, or you’d like to volunteer for yourself please contact SrA Wintera Jones, A1C Kalynn Thomas or AB Ruth Guerrero for assistance.

Black Hills Military Appreciation Ball

The Military Appreciation Ball is happening 1 November 2014 at the civic center.
Volunteers are needed for the following positions/dates:
31 Oct – 15 volunteers to set-up
1 Nov 1615-1845 – 30 volunteers as DV escorts…volunteers can then help man the sales booth or rotate in as Fallen Soldiers Flag Guard
1 Nov 1615-1900 – 12 volunteers to welcome/direct guest to check in table (at each door of civic center)….volunteers can rotate in to help man the sales booth/Raffle tickets
1 Nov 1645-1900 – 6 volunteers at check-in table
1 Nov 1615-2215 – 12 Guards for Fallen Soldier Flags (4 ROTC, expected to rotate every hour)
1 Nov 1715-2200 – 4 volunteers at the Military Ball Activity Council T-shirt/Button/Coin Booth (MUST BE TRUSTWORTHY with money
1 Nov 1700-? – 10 volunteers to sell Raffle tickets (wear something easily identifiable within the crowd…carry balloons? Bright hat? Reflective vest?)

Contact MSgt Christy McCormick vi a e-mail christina.mccormick@us.af.mil if you’re interested in volunteering!

Festival of Lights Parade

The Festival of Light Parade is held in Rapid City on the night of Saturday, November 29, 2014 (the Saturday after Thanksgiving) starting at 6:00 p.m.
Time commitment on the day of the Parade could be as early as 2:00 (staging area) or 4:30 (along parade route) until 8:30, depending on the assigned post.
Volunteers are needed for:
Staging Area – help needed from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Crowd Control – help needed from 4:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.
The minimum age to volunteer in Parade is 16 years old.
A Strong personality is required to be able to maintain assigned post while politely, yet assertively, guiding traffic, parade participants, and parade crowd. You are representing the Festival of Lights! Safety is of the utmost of importance!
Assigned posts are in the staging area and along the parade route.
Dress in warm layers to include warm shoes, gloves, and cap.
Bring a working flashlight and cell phone.
Wear assigned Festival of Lights orange vest.
You are allowed to bring hot liquids and snack food for personal use.
Absolutely no alcohol allowed.
If assigned a radio, maintain radio silence unless communication is required.
Stay at assigned post until released by Festival of Lights committee person.
Turn in assigned vest and radio directly to Festival of Lights committee person.

Contact Connie Olson at 381-4204 or tcolson@rap.midco.net with questions or to volunteer.

Special thanks to you for sharing your valuable time and making the 2014 Festival of Lights the Season’s Brightest Event!

Finger Nail Painters Needed

Youth and Family services in conjunction with Headlines Academy will be “making over” girls from Girls Inc. on 9 Oct from 3:30-7:30 p.m. at the Headlines Academy. They need volunteers to paint fingernails and mentor the young ladies during this time. If you’re interested in volunteering please contact Darcie Decker at 605-342-4195.

NeighborWorks needs volunteers

We are looking for volunteers on September 13th, 2014 to help build a park on Lemmon and Monroe in North Rapid.  NeighborWorks Dakota Home Resources has been working with the Rapid City Police Department, Rapid City Parks and Rec, Girls Inc, and other local organizations to design the community play space.  We are now in need of more help to build the play space Saturday the 13th.  We are looking for volunteers in the morning and afternoon.
Please let me know if you would like to volunteer or have any questions.


Thank you for your help,
Stephany Valkenburg
Marketing Director
NeighborWorks Dakota Home Resources
Buy, Fix, Keep: Buidling Neighborhoods Together

Back to School Round-Up

Volunteers are needed to help with the base wide Back to School Round-Up event scheduled for Saturday, 6 September from 3-5pm at the Pride Hangar. I am looking for people to help during the following days/times:

* Friday, September 5, 0900-1200 – Haul tables, chairs and equipment to the Pride Hangar – 3 people
* Saturday, September 6, 1430-1730 – Help set up, run kid’s games/activities during the event, and then tear down – 16 people (including 4 people who can face paint)
* Monday, September 8, 0900-1200 – Haul tables, chairs and equipment back from the hangar – 3 people

This is a fun event and should have a good turnout. If you would like to volunteer, please contact me with the day you can help (and if you can face paint). Thanks for your support!

Chad Canaan
School Liaison Officer
EFMP – Family Support Coordinator
Ellsworth AFB, SD
DSN: 675-1381
Comm: (605) 385-1381

Once Upon a Festival

Storybook Island is looking for volunteers who can help at the sixth annual “Once Upon A Festival” event. The dates are 6 & 7 Sep with shifts from 0930-1315 and 1315-1700 on both days. Volunteers must sign up NLT 3 Sep 2014.
There are over 100 positions available which may include ticket selling, working the activities and set-up. The staff will place volunteers at positions that need to be filled first based on the number of volunteers.
Storybook Island’s “Once upon a Festival” is sponsored by the Rotary Club. There will be lots of games, activities, and prizes for children who want to join the fun. Tickets are only $2 paid at the gate which, opens at 10am each day that weekend. All proceeds will go directly to Storybook Island so the park can continue to provide free admission throughout the open season.
Storybook Island started in 1954 and is a unique park with fairytale themed playgrounds. It is a great place for families with young children. You can see its page here: http://storybookisland.org.
Please email A1C Dantae Seward at dantae.seward@us.af.mil if interested.

National Relief Charities

We’re now starting our Christmas stocking assembly. We’ll be working on them for at
least the next 2 months so anyone that wants to come Monday-Friday from 7:30
A.M. to 3:00 P.M. is welcome. If your’re interested in helping please call the National Relief Charities at 399-9905 or just show up at National Relief Charities, 2401 Eglin Street
(On the service road, down the hill from Menards) during the days/time specified above.
Thank you for all your help.

Douglas School District Volunteers

Volunteers are needed at the Douglas School District during the first week of school. Volunteers will be positioned at crosswalks and parking lots during morning drop off and afternoon pick up to help the children get to and from school safely. The school will provide any necessary safety equipment. I’m looking for enough volunteers to cover the entire first week, August 25-29, during the times listed below:
• Badger Clark Elementary: 0730-0810 (3 people) and 1440-1500 (2 people)
• Francis Case Elementary: 1450-1510 (2 people)
• Vandenberg Elementary: 0730-0800 and 1435-1455 (2 people each shift)
• Douglas Middle School: 0730-0810 and 1445-1515 (2 people each shift)
If you are interested in volunteering, please contact me with the day, shift and school you can work. Thanks for helping keep our schools safe!

Chad Canaan
School Liaison Officer
EFMP – Family Support Coordinator
Ellsworth AFB, SD
DSN: 675-1381
Comm: (605) 385-1381