“A pessimist sees the glass of water as being half-empty; the optimist see the glass of water as being half-full; a volunteer sees the glass of water and immediately starts looking around for someone who may be in need of a drink”

The Airman & Family Readiness Center Volunteer Resource Program (VRP) is available to assist and collaborate with other base volunteer agencies regarding all aspects of volunteer service. The Air Force Volunteer Excellence Award (VEA) is one program used to recognize federal civilians, family members, military retirees and federal retirees who perform outstanding volunteer community service of a sustained, direct and consequential nature (click VEA link for additional guidance). The Presidential Volunteer Service Award is another means for finding volunteer opportunities in the community and for tracking your volunteer hours.

Air Force Volunteer Excellence Award 
Track Your Volunteer Hours with the President’s Volunteer Service Award

Find a Volunteer Opportunity

Local Charities

National Volunteer Resources

All for Good
Hands On Network
Points of Light Institute
United We Serve
Volunteer Match

Childcare for Volunteers – Some volunteer programs qualify for paid child care services. Volunteers needing childcare must meet with the Volunteer Resource manager to determine eligibility, complete additional paperwork, if needed and coordinate availability of childcare. You can contact the Volunteer Resource Manager by phone at (605) 385-4663 or email at volunteers@ellsworthafrc.org.