Wildlife Sanctuary Clean-Up

Mark your calendars for March 15 and 16 to help spiff up the animal’s homes.  The winter has been long and hard; all the animals are wanting help to prepare their world for the summer season.

Bring your gloves, rubber boots, yard wagons, chain saws, garbage cans, rakes, shovels, pruners, trailers, and bobcats to make the cleaning process easier and less strenuous, not to mention, safer.

We will be cleaning the winter straw from enclosures, pulling weeds, trimming storm-broken trees, stacking-out firewood, poop scooping, and organizing necessity items.  We might even be moving some small buildings, if we can find enough willing volunteers.

We won’t stop there, we invite you back again for our super 4-day construction event April 25-28.  These days we will skirt the Yurt and construct a wrap-around deck to finish it off.  Not only that the black bears from Ohio need a catch-up pen built and all the buildings on the property need painting.

Sorry, we request no children present during these projects.  We acknowledge that family time is important; project safety is our number one concern.

BUT, keep in mind we will have a THIRD function—a FAMILY PICNIC/TOUR day.  Bring the whole family and have fun enjoying the NEW and IMPROVED beautified sanctuary.

To volunteer or for more information contact Ms. Marty Hamby at 307-660-6212 or email marty.murerhamby@gmail.com.

Youth Basketball Tournament

The Rapid City Area School District is hosting a Youth Basketball Tournament on February 15-16, 2014 and is looking for volunteers to help run the clock and scoreboard during the games. There are a variety of shifts available and up to 6 volunteers are needed per shift. The event will be held at South Middle School, 2 Indiana Street, in Rapid City. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Thad Caldwell at thad.caldwell@k12.sd.us. Thanks for supporting our schools!

Available shifts:

Saturday, February 15

Sunday, February 16